What We Do...

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The begining of your consultation will be a quick chat about the style of dress you're after.  Bringing a few ideas along with you will help the design process.  We will then help you decide whether a Bespoke, Vintage re-work or Collection dress is your best option.


Bespoke designs = Discussion, sketch drawing, fabric sampling, details.


Vintage re-work = Trying vintage originals, re-designing, customising, details.


Collection dresses = Trying samples/component parts, mixing and matching, designing, customising, details, see above for how collection dresses work. 

Collection dresses are available to order in all sizes.  Please allow 3-4 months order time for the basic dress, plus time for customising and fitting.

Where to find us:

Dragonfly Dress Design

72 Elderslie Street

Glasgow G3 7AL

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